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Toy Theatre

journaltheatre.jpg Vintage Paper Model Toy Theatres  -  Printable Scanned Sheet Collections at Bargain Prices

The historical collections offered here comprise multiple restored and/or specially enhanced for digital printing images of various rare old vintage sheets of paper cut-outs for printing. Please note that they are not organised in any particular way and should be considered as-found rare vintage printable oddments for the large part with no guarantee that all of them will form into sets. Remember although it is a very large collection gathered over a long period,  these are hard to find valuable antique items and this has not always been possible.

Most of the sheet scans can be used as-is from standard size printers depending on the thickness of the paper or card used for printing (photo quality matte papers recommended) while others would benefit from gluing to card for extra stiffness after printing onto photo quality matte paper. Naturally, scissors and glue should be used with caution where children are concerned.

Various Sizes Included

However the sheets come in various sizes, some large format, but mostly approx. A4 printer size but all can be manipulated up or down using any basic graphics or photo utility to suit the user and to adjust for matching parts properly. The print brightness and the resolution can also be adjusted as required, although please note many of the originals are basic illustrations with relatively low resolution to begin with.

Note while many of the image files have English names several of the sheets will have instructions in foreign languages such as French as this form of family entertainment was particularly prevalent on the Continent during its heyday. Nevertheless the majority are easy to follow and construct using an intuitive approach.

Uniquely Restored & Enhanced

This compilation is unique in several ways and all the images also benefit from many hours of digital enhancement work not normally found in other examples of these cut-outs. PrintnSell are licensed distributors for the collections marketed by Collectaprint.co.uk, while the Pollocks-specific sets (entirely consisting of rare vintage original sheets rather than subsequent reprints) have been uniquely restored and enhanced by ourselves for digital printing and are offered in A4 size at a very high resolution of 500dpi to make enlargements also possible. Note that again they are rare as-found original sheets and are not guaranteed to form complete sets. Only the illustrated sheets are offered here with no instructional pages or plays/stories.

Collectaprint and PrintnSell have gone the extra mile to bring you added enjoyment from cleared up imagery and repair work where time has shown its toll in these vintage productions. Accordingly, these compilations as such are copyrighted as being significantly improved works and accordingly unique versions and must not be copied, re-sold or distributed illegally. For non-commercial use only in digital or printed sheet form but you are welcome to sell completed models if you wish.

Side by Side Comparison

Our own image difference is illustrated below. Shown first is the type of original scanned sheet usually offered or even found free on the internet alongside a specially enhanced or restored original as offered uniquely jn our own collections. When it's intended for making quality paper models the choice is obvious. Note too that the PrintnSell version is also supplied at a much larger size and resolution, allowing variable size maniulation....

comparison1.jpg comparison2.jpg Throughout the site, PrintnSell images are specially enhanced for digital printing without removing the 'aged' look which is all part of the nostalgic charm of vintage paper models, theatres, paper dolls and images intended for making reproduction prints.

All the vintage images are included in good faith in the belief they are now in the public domain due to extreme age before the enhancement work was carried out but please advise should any of the source material prove otherwise and we will be happy to remove same.

May We Suggest? If you are new to vintage Paper Model Theatre a good place to start would be any or both of the two Main Elements Vintage Model Toy Theatre Volumes available for download Here and Here. Having then tried your hand at making up a variety of actual toy theatres (which look great by themselves) you can then proceed to add other elements - such as our volumes of backscenes, side scenes, characters and stage props etc. - without having invested in an entire project.

Model Toy Theatres evoke the magic of a bygone age. Photos from zeistbouwplaten.nl

The two Categories below offer various exciting collections, either for download or on DVD-Rom data disc...

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