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Make Your Own Prints To Sell

These downloads are a sampling from the restored and especially enhanced image collections offered on disc by Timecamera.com (our downloads are authorised editions). They offer just a taste of the over 70 subjects available from them and demonstrate the potential for making quality prints which can be sold for profit as well as used for décor. Potential commercial users must abide by the Timecamera Terms of Use (see link above).

Images in these groupings come pre-sized mainly for standard photo-capable A4 computer printers (some are larger but can be adjusted to suit) and many are very high resolution and therefore suitable for enlarging further as desired. Why Timecamera brand images? Because it offers quality vintage Image Collections especially intended for pro computer print making/selling without the copyright issues of amateur collections. None of the unusable small pictures included with the usual quantity-based offers (the more included on the disc the less they’re really worth having) - and all images are studio restored/enhanced for digital computer printers.

There’s So Much Potential…

Paper Tole / 3D Decoupage - Crafts & Collectable Fairs - Garage/Lawn/Car Boot Sales - Mail Order: Prints Shipping Easy
Galleries/Framed Picture Sales - Antique Stores/Malls/Gift Shops - Wholesale/Retail Print Sales - Swap-meets/Markets/Show
Greetings Cards/Graphics - Dye Sublimation Mugs/Mirrors/Tiles - Doorstep/Offices/Targeted - Web Sites, Auctions Much More!

Receive a 10 per cent quantity discount on orders over $100. Why risk buying expensive stock to sell when you can print your own, over and over again?

Note: Pricing can be shown in different currencies (see top right).

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