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Paper Dolls Discs

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For those who prefer discs to downloads, or those looking for Great Gift Ideas, we offer these bargain collections of Vintage Paper Dolls Sheets for your Home Computer/Printer.

Print as many as you like from the many different sheets included on each disc ready to cut out for use or to frame and display as mostalgic decor.

Each disc combines TWO of the download collections described elsewhere on the same disc.

The three disc 'combos' comprise:-

Disc 1 which includes both Assortment 1 and Assortment 2,

Disc 2 which includes both Assortment 3 and Assortment 4, and

Disc 3 which combines both Assortment 5 and Assortment 6 on the same disc.

The discs ship from the UK at a small fixed air mail cost. Please allow adequate time for delivery when ordering for a special occasion.

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